Live in New Orleans.jpg

Live in New Orleans

by Mission Bay Preservationists

New Orleans has been a source of inspiration for the Preservationists at Mission Bay High School. LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS represents a year of study and admiration for all things New Orleans. This album was recorded live over two days featuring MBHS students, alumni plus New Orleans’ own, Wendell Brunious.

Wendell Brunious on Trumpet (Tracks 3, 6, 9, 11, 12)

Piano: Edward Gabrielyan (Student Director)

Vocals (Track 4,10,12)/Tenor Sax: Sean Lambert (Asst. Student Director)

Trumpet: Felix Rodriguez
Clarinet: Vivian Aldape
Trombone: David Antunez
Guitar: Eric Wesling
Bass: Angelica Pruitt
Drums: Jake Halvin
Vocals: Patricia Horton (Tracks 2,5,6,9)
Vocals: Katy Johnson (Tracks 1,2,8)
Director: Jean-Paul “JP” Balmat (Alto Sax on Caravan) MBHS Class of 2002
Asst. Director: Malachi Johnson (Drums on Kansas City) MBHS Class of 2013
Guest Trumpet: Rob Zanchetta (Tracks 2, 12) MBHS Class of 2009

Released by:

MBHS Music